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Premarital Coaching

"Make it your goal to create a marriage that feels like the safest place of earth." ~Greg Smalley

Newlywed Couple

Did you know that couples who participate in premarital counseling are over 30% less likely to divorce?


At Timeless Connection we encourage our couples to focus on the foundational aspects of love and marriage. No marriage is immune to the test and trials which are common to all, however investing in pre-marital coaching is a great way to establish the ground rules for communications and level set each partner’s expectations prior to wedding day.


It begins with an understanding of what true love looks like, as opposed to the Hollywood fantasies and the song lyrics we are inundated with every day.  We provide a space for you to share and explore your views on significant values, expectations, and role.  You’ll gain concrete tools for communication and conflict resolution that you can use throughout your lives.


Our only ask from each couple, is to bring your energy and thirst to move forward in a committed and loving relationship with your partner.



Premarital counseling is an investment in your future, and I’m here to maximize its benefits.  Our sessions are $100/session for 4 sessions and take place by Teams, nationwide.

“ . . .My husband and I also worked with Darryl for our pre-marriage counseling. He provided the most insightful guidance and support based on spiritual principles, as well as his and Dawn's 35 years of marriage.  Together, they officiated our wedding ceremony. And because they engaged with us so intimately for months leading up to the wedding, they were able to personalize our ceremony. Our guests were blown away by how much they learned about our relationship through the way the wedding was officiated.”

~Chad + Niki~

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