Wedding Officiants in Las Vegas

About Dawn Angela

Owner and CEO of Timeless Connection-Dawn Angela grew up as a “Pastors Kid” and witnessed a slew of weddings.  She is a servant first.  She is giving, she is humble, she is fun, and after 34 years of marriage, to her husband Darryl, many consider her to be an authority on the subject. Her love for life is what propels her towards excellence and fulfilling the wedding dreams of the couples. 


Dawn Angela is a founding member of the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce, a member of both WIPA-Las Vegas and the Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.  Dawn is a published Author of "Timeless Rebel: Empowered to Become a Model at 43" based on her experiences as a freelance model and actress.  She then re-released as "Timeless Rebel: Empowered to Pursue the Dreams Within" 

Now, enough about Dawn Angela, let's move on to creating your "Timeless Connection, Sealed with a Kiss"


bout Darryl

Darryl Mickens is the brilliant lyricist of Timeless Connections but even more-so a TRUE believer in the lifelong commitments which come with marriage.

With over 30 years of such a commitment with his own spouse Dawn Angela, Darryl was also fortunate to witness the commitment of over 50 years and 60 years respectively between his own parents and grandparents.

It is through this lens that he counts each opportunity to help another couple embark on such a journey a privilege and joy.

Darryl is equally committed to making your special day one that will remain within your most precious memories and will fuel your relationship for years to come.