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Vendor Spotlight – Hearts Desire Co.

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Welcome to A Timeless Connection’s vendor spotlight. Today, the spotlight falls on Hearts Desire Co., a talented and highly creative wedding planning and styling company founded and run by Raven Nicole.

A successful wedding ceremony that everyone will talk about for months is all in the planning and styling details, which is where Hearts Desire Co. shines. Raven provides creative support and a guide for you through her flair and eyes for details to help bring your vision to life.

So, when planning, coordinating, and styling all kinds of weddings in Las Vegas, Hearts Desire Co. has got it on lock. If you want to know whether you can trust them to help you ensure you have a resoundingly successful wedding, have a read below.

· What Makes Her Services So Unique?

For Raven, it is all in the details, and every single point counts in order to help you create your dream wedding.

Every love story is unique, and this is what she aims to capture and tell through creative planning, styling, and coordinating.

Drawing inspiration from fashion, interior design, color palettes, etc., Raven touches on and explores every available option when planning your wedding until she attains perfection.

· What Services Does She Offer Specifically?

She helps brides plan, style, and coordinate intimate weddings and elopements. She does full planning, partial planning, and day-of coordinating for intimate weddings.

She also plans rehearsal dinner, engagement party, bridal shower, and honeymoon staging for elopements.

· Can Heart Desires Co. be Trusted to Deliver?

Yes, of course. Hearts Desire Co. is here to help you create the wedding you always dreamt of, anything your heart desires. The result will be an expertly designed and crafted event.

Book Raven to become part of your day. She will take care of everything using great skill and expertise, so all you need to do is enjoy your day. Contact Hearts Desire Co. and fill out the inquiry form. They’ll take it over from there.

Raven knows what so many couples before you do. If you want great storytellers to write and tell your love story in the most beautiful way on your wedding day, let A Timeless Connection officiate for you.

We’re a husband-and-wife team of professional wedding officiants who believe a wedding is not truly a wedding unless it’s celebrated in a way that’s unique to you. We’re never satisfied unless your wedding is personalized and reflects the love you share for your better half. We won’t be happy unless everything that happens on that day is as you’ve always dreamt.

A Timeless Connection has breathed life into dream weddings for decades, using the experience we gained in the same number of years to give Las Vegas couples an experience they’ll never forget.

Remember, finding the perfect officiant is an integral part of every wedding. The same goes for finding the right vendors. That’s why we offer Las Vegas vendor recommendations in all our packages; you won’t have to worry about who to book for exceptional wedding services.

A Timeless Connection will give you a tailor-made, unique, and personalized officiating service. With us, you can come as you are, religious, non-religious, modern, traditional, LGBTQ+, etc.

We offer a safe and welcoming place for you, no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you want. Love isn’t defined by race, gender, or religion; this belief underlies the services we offer our couples. So, contact us now; let us steer you to a happily ever after.


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