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Licensed Wedding Officiants in Las Vegas


A wedding is a wonderful story, we'll help you tell it!


To be in love is a beautiful thing, and to celebrate that love should be your beautiful thing.  At 

Timeless Connection, Darryl and Dawn believe that the wedding day should be done in your way.  

With decades of knowledge on marriage and love, the Timeless Connection team works to create innovative and exciting opportunities to take your commitment to one another beyond the chapel.

Whether you are eloping, renewing your vows, or having a full wedding--with Timeless Connection, the celebration of love can happen no matter the location.

Using a network of favorite sites and vendors, Timeless Connection helps you create a unique approach to the first steps of your incredible journey as a married couple.

Built on respect, trust, excitement, and the desire to create a moment that will last a lifetime, Timeless Connection is here to serve as your ordained + licensed wedding officiants.

In the “Wedding Capital Of The World,” We promise you a “Timeless Connection, sealed with a kiss.”

Contact us at (702) 903-7461 for a quick quote.

 Darryl + Dawn




"I would recommend Timeless Connection to anyone looking to have a beautiful and happy wedding"

- J. Makk

Bride and groom sharing a kiss
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