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Vendor Spotlight – Mixxie Mixologist

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Hello to all you excited couples! It’s a new week in Las Vegas, and we have another special vendor for you today.

In this week’s vendor spotlight, we’re all about the fun, open bar experience you can get from Mixxie Mixologist. They are a private mobile bartending and catering company that travels to private residences, public venues, etc., to bring luxury and style to every occasion.

They aim to create a lively ambiance for you and your guests by serving lovely and unique cocktails. In addition, Mixxie Mixologist offers other fun and relaxation events along with drink services!

· What Can I Expect from their Catering Service?

Convenience is their top priority. Mixxie Mixologist offers several options for your occasion, so there’s a package to accommodate every event. The packages are priced according to the spirit of your choice.

They also bring standard bar tools and equipment to ensure guests get that luxurious Mixxie Mixologist experience!

· Tell Me More About Their Paint and Sip Experience

It is the perfect outing for the bride and her loved ones before the big day. What Mixxie Mixologist offers isn’t your average paint and sip experience. Instead, they combine your creative juices and spirits for an explosive experience. The best part is that they come to you!

Prices include all the supplies for painting and an open bar with a customizable menu. The minimum class is ten people. So, get your girls ready, and explore your inner artists!

· Anything For the Gents?

Of course! They need pampering too, which is what Mixxie Mixologist’s Beer ‘n Beards experience provides.

They will supply the beer while you spend time unwinding with the guys. You can enjoy massages with custom-made beard oils, enjoy a game, or just kick back and relax.

All packages require a minimum of eight people, including a 15-minute chair massage, open bar, light hors d’oeuvre, games, etc.

Mixxie Mixologist is the team for all things fun and relaxation, and we can’t recommend a better mobile bartending company for your Las Vegas wedding!

Exceptional catering can significantly impact how successful your wedding is, but that applies to all aspects of a wedding. The success of your wedding day depends on how well-planned it is; should we elaborate on this?

You’ll need to plan when choosing your officiant and writing your vows because it’s such a special moment, and there can’t be a wedding without an officiant. You must plan well when booking your vendors because your wedding won’t be a success without their services. You must wed at the right venue because that complements your décor, offers a place to dine and dance and helps define the day’s ambiance.

So, as you can see, wedding planning is not something you relegate to an amateur. Book certified wedding experts and officiants like Timeless Connection to curate a Las Vegas wedding like no other!

Timeless Connection has always aimed to do something different for couples. We feel this is the ideal and logical approach to wedding planning because no two couples are the same. When couples see their wedding is thoroughly personalized and reflects their desires, it makes the experience more special and memorable.

We always use personality, charm, style, and flair to impact your big day. From the venues we recommend to vendors like Mixxie Mixologist that we can vouch for, and specially designed wedding packages, we cover every aspect of your wedding!

We’re here for you if you want to celebrate a couture desert wedding, and we promise you a Timeless Connection, Sealed with a Kiss! Contact us here today!


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